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Estimated Decking Board Calculations

Please use the deck calculation below as a guide to how many boards you will need for your composite project.  Please remember to think about the height of your deck and if you will need any boards to use as the return face.  We always advise customers add on 5% to their deck orders to take account for wastage/cuttings etc.  

Each board is 148mm wide x 25mm thick x 3600mm long.  

2 boards = 1sq.m

Basic calculation

Width (m) x Length (m) = sq.m

Sq.m x 2  = no. of boards needed

Add on 5% for wastage/cuttings

= Total number of boards needed


Width (2m) x Length (10m) = 20 sq.m

20 sq.m x 2 = 40 boards

40 + 5% = 42 boards to be ordered

Alternatively, if you require assistance, you can always contact us via phone 07444510928 or email or via the contact page where we will be happy to help you to estimate the amount you will need and order accordingly.